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It could not be simpler: Just listen to 30 hours of free PM Podcast interviews and then claim 30 Category C PDus.

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Here are all the details and FAQ

Watch this video for the details

In this video we go through all the details of how to best earn your 30 Category C PDUs:

Category C PDU Logfile

Download the Category C PDU Logfile (PDF) in order to keep track of all PM Podcast episodes that you listened to. Each hour that you listen will earn you 1 Professional Development Unit.

Basic rules to remember

  • In order for podcast episodes to qualify for PDUs, they must be relevant to project management, meet a specified purpose, and use knowledgeable resources. We cover all three requirements.
  • You can submit a maximum of 30 Category C PDUs for each certification cycle (= every 3 years).
  • You have to claim a minimum of 1 PDU
  • If a podcast is not 60 minutes in duration, then you have to listen to several podcasts that discuss the same topic and add them up. For instance: 2 x 30 minutes on risk management = 1 Cat C PDU.

Please note that every PMP is subject to audit during the PDU submission process and that you may have to show in exactly what way you have earned all of your PDUs. The PMI reserves the right to reject some or all of the PDUs that you submit.

How to Claim your PDUs on the PMI Website

Log in to PMI's Continuing Certification Requirements System

Report your PDUs

  • Select "Category C" from the drop down list and and click on Continue
  • Input the following information:
    • Program/Title description: The Project Management Podcast
    • Date started: When you began listening
    • Date completed: When you ended listening
    • Hours completed: Enter the number of hours that you listened in total.
    • Provider Name: OSP International LLC
    • Phone Number: <leave empty>
    • URL:
    • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • PDUs claimed: Enter the number of PDUs you wish to claim
  • Submit the page.

PMI will first send you a confirmation that your PDU claim was received and is under review. Once approved you will receive a second notification email that the 30 PDUs have been added to your account.

Need more PDUs? Try these:

Frequently Asked Questions about 30 Free PDUs

Why does The PM Podcast qualify for PDUs?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) Handbook contains a section on Professional Development Units (PDUs). Here, the term "podcasts" is explicitly mentioned as one of the activities that qualify for Category C PDUs, as long as the podcast episodes are "relevant to project management, meet a specified purpose, and use knowledgeable resources." Our podcast meets all three requirements.

How should I keep track of the episodes I listened to and PDUs earned?

Download and print the Category C PDU Logfile (PDF) to keep track of how many hours of The PM Podcast you have listened to. Every time you listen to a new episode simply take out a pen and fill in the next line. Print a new page when needed. Once you have reached a minimum of 30 hours then you can go ahead and claim a maximum of 30 Category C PDUs all at once on PMI's CCRS website. Keep your handwritten notes in case you are audited by PMI after claiming the PDUs.

Episode nnn is only 15 minutes long. Do I report 0.25 PDUs for this?

You have to report a minimum of 1 Category C PDUs. We recommend that you listen to several episodes on the same topic and then add them up until you reach at least 1 hour. (See the next 2 questions as well)

Do I claim PDUs for the entire duration of the podcast or just for the actual interview?

The intro and exit of The PM Podcast is usually about 5 minutes long. So on average you can simply deduct 5 minutes from the podcast duration and you will have the duration for the PDU count. But it's really much easier if you follow the instructions in the next question...

Should I claim PDUs for each episode that I listen to?

You have to report a minimum of 1 Category C PDUs. Since most of our episodes are 30 minutes in duration, you have to listen to at least 2 episodes on the same topic and then claim them together. But we recommend that you simplify even more: Instead of claiming 30 x 1 PDU for listening to our podcast, go ahead and claim 1 x 30 PDUs. Here is how: Regularly listen to the podcast, keep track of the episodes that you heard, and then claim 30 PDUs once you have listened to at least 60 episodes.

I only need 13 PDUs right now. What do I do?

That's not a problem. You earn 1 PDU for each hour you listen to PM Podcast interviews. If you only need 13 PDUs then simply listen to just 13 hours of our interviews and then claim your 13 PDUs. Don't forget to track what you listen to in the logfile.

Can I claim more PDUs if I get the paid Premium Subscription?

No. The PM Podcast gives you a maximum of 30 Category C PDUs every 3 years, no matter which subscription you choose. The paid Premium subscription is meant for our "hard core" fans who want to support the podcast financially. If you want to earn "unlimited" PDUs via Podcasts, then please go to our sister podcast, The PDU Podcast.