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Episode 081: The PMO - A Business Solution

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When you ask 10 Project Management Office (PMO) Managers about the functions that their PMO offers internally then you will very likely receive 10 answers. That is nothing unusual or unexpected because a PMO has to be built to fit the requirements of each company. The PMO does what the company needs it to do. Some PMOs are small, some are large. Some offer limited project support some are all encompassing. But now ask: What is truly the primary function of a PMO? In his book “The Complete Project Management Office Handbook” (Second Edition) Gerard Hill of The Hill Consulting Group ( ) proposes that the PMO is really a Business Solution. So in our interview with Gerard we not only discuss the PMO Model from his book which consists of the 5 PMO Capabilities and 20 PMO Functions but we also look at how to set the focus of your PMO, so that it truly becomes a business solution.

Gerard Hill is offering four free copies of his book "The Complete Project Management Office Handbook (Second Edition)" to the listeners of The Project Management Podcast. Listen to the episode to learn how to participate.

The winners of the books so far are:
Book 1: Patrick Richard, Laval, Canada

Would love to get the free book on PMO to get more insight into how a PMO works

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