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Episode 104: The Role of your Boss in Project Management

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Today’s overtime is an interview of our show host Cornelius Fichtner by Wayne Turmel from the Cranky Middle Manager Show.Every project manager has a boss whom he or she reports to. At the end of the year this boss will be responsible for our performance review and decides whether or not we get an increase in salary. But during the year, most of us are wrapped up in our projects.

We have deadlines and budgets to meet, customers and other stakeholders to satisfy, risks to manage and then there are always these pesky project team members that are acting up. So what do our bosses do during all this time? Do they just sit back, sip coffee and enjoy the fruit of our labor when we successfully deliver the project end result?

Wayne Turmel from the Cranky Middle Manager Show ( doesn’t think so. He sees the role of our boss more along the lines of… but why don’t you listen in and hear him tell it in his own voice?

We also announce the winners of our MPMM giveaway, where two lucky listeners receive a copy of this project management methodology. And we speak to Josh Nankivel about his new Gizmo that give a personal blog to any PM Student.

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