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Episode 115: Leadership Challenges of Complex Projects

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Episode 115: Leadership Challenges of Complex Projects

One major factor that is making a larger project more difficult to manage than a smaller project is complexity. On a larger project you will have a larger product scope, a more extensive budget, a more intricate project schedule and not least of it all also a lot more people. All of these add to your project’s complexity.

Stan Levanduski, PMP argues that the linear way of managing a small project does not scale up to a large project. Large projects have exponentially more complexity and therefore require a different, non-linear approach. He and I did a 4.5 hour long PM lecture on this topic and this interview gives you a glimpse into the complexity of complexity.

This discussion is based on Stan's PM Lecture Leadership Challenges of Complex Projects. We are giving away 2 copies of this 4.5 hour long, in-depth project leadership training to our listeners. So listen in and participate.

Stan is also the co-author of a book called The Advantage of Leaderhip and you can find this at On this page you’ll not only get a discount to the book but also a number of free audio downloads.

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