The following 9 points are to be adhered to from this podcast regarding the reasons why projects fail.

9. Lack of control and change processes
8. Risk planning (being reactive or proactive). It is best to be proactive. Identify the risks and understand what will trigger the risk. Learned a great point. Keep risk reviews as part of regular meeting agendas.
7. Unrealistic budgets. For me major issue that I've experienced. The projects are underestimated at the very beginning which causes problems with budgeting later in the project.
6. Undefined success and undefined closure criteria. PM should make sure the team understands what will make the project successful.
5. Lack of stakeholder buy-in.
4. Not having a Lessons Learned document
3. Unrealistic scheduling/Poor project requirements. My experience was stakeholder wants a project that will take 6 months to a year to be implemented to be completed within a three month period. Yes, this actually happened.
2. Insufficient re...