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The PDU Podcast - Earning PDUs Made Easy!

Click to download the video: The PDU Podcast is the easiest and most convenient way for certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) to earn their Professional Development Units (PDU): Download and watch the webinars - Earn PDUs - Repeat.

The PDU Podcast: Earning PDUs Made Easy Transcript:

Cornelius Fichtner: Hello! I am Cornelius Fichtner, PMP and I have a mission: I want to make earning PDUs as easy, simple and straightforward for you as possible. And in order to achieve this mission, I have created The PDU Podcast.

The PDU Podcast is a series of video webinars that you download to your portable player like a smart phone or a tablet PC and then you watch them whenever and wherever you want.

For example, you can watch them in the gym, while you are walking the dog, doing your household chores, or while you are relaxing at the beach. But the best thing about these webinars is that each of them will earn you at least 1 Category‑A PDU which are the PMI pre-approved PDUs.

So when it comes to maintaining your PMP certification, then The PDU Podcast is the zen of earning your PDUs. It’s as easy as download and watch the webinars, earn PDUs and repeat.

With The PDU Podcast, you are on auto-pilot to your PMP or PgMP recertification. So stop by at That’s and then simplify the way you earn your PDUs.

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