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Episode 024: PMO Trends

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Show notes: This week, I am giving you six PMO Trends that will show you where companies will be taking PMOs in the future. As usual, you will get a few great helpful resources, hear what's happening in the PM News and you'll hear the PM tip of the week that was submitted by listener Thomas Weller from Germany. In a new show segment we are looking at various PM events around the world and wewill be finishing up the show with a review of the PMI-ISSIG's new podcast.

Project Management in the News:

- Leading in the Midst of a Crisis; Lessons Learned from Pentagon Renovation Program Featured at March WIT.Connect Program
- 5th Edition of APM Body of Knowledge issued in the UK
- Vanuatu Project Management boost U20 women's team morale

Podcast Review: PMI Information Systems SIG

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