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Episode 020: Risk

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Show notes: Today's focus is on Risk Management, which we call "The Black Sheep of Project Management". Risk Management is important, but only a fraction of project managers actively manage risk on their projects. We discuss why that is so and present a simple technique that will enable you to manage risk on your projects without spending hundreds of hours on this task. Don't forget to stop by at Method123, sign up for their newsletter and get the Risk Management Kit for free. Also in this episode: A Good, Bad & Ugly review about TSI's PMP Lunchtime Lecture Series, and we are continuing the giveaway of two free licenses for VIP Team To do List - listen to the show to hear how to participate - time is running out.

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download the plan, template and register of risk management from Method 123, found many critical and useful information over there. i liked the management process and activities definition on risks, through reporting form and control register, it's a systemic and documentary methodology to deal with project risk management.
Great information! Thanks