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Episode 017: Interview with Sabrina Mancini

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Today, the Project Management Podcast is featuring an interview with Sabrina Mancini from 2EnVision, Inc. We are talking about how to turn the search for your next job into a project. With templates, deliverables and all. Contact Sabrina at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive a copy of the templates. (Note: as of 2007-04-11, her email is no longer working and we have no newer email.)


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Comments (3)
  • S. Jones  - Templates

    I love these podcasts and I am so happy that I stumbled on to your site! Thanks for you work!

    I just finished listening to this podcast with Sabrina Mancini Johnson. Even though this interview took place in 2006, I found that there was some very helpful information presented. The templates would REALLY make this a meaty and a worthwhile use of one's time.

    However, since the guest speaker is not reachable via email to get these templates, I wonder if you might consider sharing these templates with us on your own Cornelius? Or simply removing the interview? Again, the podcast alone has some useful info but it feels as if we are only getting about 1/3 of the value from it, without the templates.


  • admin  - No... we don't have them

    Hello S Jones,

    No... unfortunately we don't have the templates. I've just published another "call for assistance" and reached out to all our long time listeners, hoping that maybe someone might still have them.

    So it's unfortunate, but I never got a copy myself and Sabrina doesn't have them anymore either.

  • Michael Pressey

    I just listened to this podcast today and would also love to get those templates.
    Here's hoping one of your listeners will still have them.
    Well done on your podcasts. Great work.

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