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Episode 009?: International Project Management Day

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The international project management day on November 3, 2005, is intended to encourage project based organizations worldwide or organizations who utilize project management methodologies to schedule some type of recognition event within their organizations or coordinated locally with others to truly demonstrate appreciation for the achievements of project managers and their teams.

Visit The International Project Management Day website or participate in the Free Webinar.

Here is what you can do to support the day...
Thank your project manager or teams by phone, email, card, or in person
Take a project manager to lunch
Ask how a project is going and show interest in results
Wear a t-shirt that reads "Kiss Me - I'm a Project Manager"

Recognize the PMO for their contributions to the organization
Communicate and celebrate project successes
Sponsor a project management “coffee break”

Attend a project management association meeting
Schedule a recognition event for project managers
Publish an article in a local newspaper or newsletter

Attend a special webinar hosted by The International Institute for Learning
Join a project management association
Observe and learn about international projects that impact your community or quality of life

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