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Episode 003: Project Failure

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In today's show we are talking about project failure. We'll look at the numbers of failing projects quoted in various statistics and the critical success factors identified in order to have a successful project. But most importantly, we want to know how project managers who are faced with a failure manage and cope with this failure.

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  • Valenta Nichols  - Episode 003: Project Failure

    Very informative information on the reasons why project fail. Here are the percentages from the podcast:
    18% - Executive Support
    16% User Involvement
    14% Experienced Project Manager
    12% Clear Business Objectives.

    Poor requirements are usually key reason for failed projects which is why it is important to have clearly defined goals and scope. Most PMs focus on project oriented tasks and not the people. Must be able to balance the two as both are important. Collaboration with people across teams, building relationships will help with getting the tasks done and hopefully completed on time, thus doing so will lead to or leverage possibility to implement successful project.

    My experience for failed projects have been dealing with unreasonable stakeholders who wants the project delivered in a time frame that is not doable based upon what they perceive how long it should take w/o considering the plan that the project team has proposed based upon their requirements sessions findings ...

  • Richard Longpré  - Project failure

    Project failure

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