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Episode 001: Introduction

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Allright! After three weeks of planning, learning and fighting with inadequate technology I have finally finished the first show. This is the introductory show of The Project Management Podcast in which I tell you, why you should care, subscribe and listen to the future shows. I am introducing myself, my background in project management, how I got the idea of creating The Project Management Podcast and what kind of shows you can expect in the future.

In the show, I mention that I found some freely available audio content discussing project management. You can find the links to these in my post from August 18, 2005. The music used on the show is by rimela.

The next show(s) will be recorded at the 2005 PMI Leadership Meeting in Toronto, which lasts from September 8.-10. 2005. I will not be able to record anything during the actual presentations. Instead, I will make this a good and educational review for those PMI chapter boardmembers out there who are unable to attend.

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