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Rated                (4.6/5.0) by 94 clients


Indeed a big help in my day to day work as am a PM working on new implementation for my org. Every session has a take away. Thank you very much.


Awesome Tool

I have being using this site and material for 4 years now...  I am growing from the material in general and also meeting my PDU needs for my PMP.  Please continue to do what you are doing because without it I think we (all project managers) will miss out on something truly special and priceless.


Great for Ride Home

A relevant tool to listen to while driving home.  Keeps old ideas fresh, and fresh ideas coming.  Thanks!


PM Podcast - A great tool, ally and enjoyable

As always, I've enjoyed most of the PM Podcasts (along with the Prepcast series for PMP training).
I really enjoyed Episode 387 with Jamal and Cornelius as they discussed Project Portfolio Management in Theory and in Practice. Jamal provides some very good insights and calls out specific critical questions that we all, as Program, Portfolio, and Project Managers should be asking when reviewing new projects.

Plymouth, USA

Inspiring Podcast

I always enjoy the various topics covered in the podcast.  I am often very, very surprised over the topic and how they catch my interest. In the beginning I just listing and later on I am studying this topic in more detail. For me it is important when the person interviewed speak about their personal experience. Here I get in a short time new inspiration which I can use in my daily business. It helps me to broaden my view not only in the technical project management skills but more in the way how I can approach a situation.  


I know it takes up a lot of time to prepare, conduct and broadcast the interview and I want to say thank you.

Dresden, Deutschland

PDUs earned by watching the Podcasts are not registered!

Hello PM Podcast Colleagues,
I have been listening to your podcasts and taking down notes of each one of them. When I registered them through PMI website, it has now stopped showing them on my dashboard. I have till now registered 45 PDUs only till 10th March they were registered amounting to some 40.5 PDUs but now when I claimed about 3 PDUs they are not registered though they are approved.
Do you possibly know the reason?

Pune, India

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Hello Rahul -- Unfortunately I do not know what might be the cause of this. Your best way of action is to write to [email protected] and ask them directly. Don't forget to include your PMP/PMI ID numbers and maybe even include a screen shot of where you are seeing the problem. Then they can help you directly.

Cornelius Fichtner on Thursday, 16 March 2017

Great Podcast, loads of learning

Lionbridge Technologies Inc

This podcast has really enable me to become a better, not only Project Manager, but professional in general.
Listening to different testimonials, some of them that intersect with my work and everyday challenges, has enabled me to generate a different perspective of the work that i do and give me insight into how to face problems that come across.
It has also enable me to think of myself not just as an individual doing my work, but as part of a wider community. We get sometimes so embedded in our own tasks that we lose the overview.
This coupled with the PDY claiming ability to maintain my PMP certification is just the cherry on top of the cake.
Thank you so much for putting this together and continuously delivering interesting topics.

Tampere, Finland, Lionbridge Technologies Inc

PM Podcast

I find the PM Podcasts available convenient and very informative.  The interviews bring to light different aspects of program management.  Thank you.


Great podcast

Bell Integrator

Thank you very mach for your job!
I have been staying PMP already 8 years. I worked as a project manager and as a head of PMO. I use your matherials to be on the same page with contemporary trends or the last achivents on project management. In additional, it helps me a lot to practice my English listening skill.

Moscow, Russia, Bell Integrator



These podcast are informative. They are bite-sized too which makes them easy to consume

San Ramon, United States, EMC

Excellent PM Resource


I was originally looking for ways to obtain PDUs on an ad-hoc basis and stumbled upon the pod casts.  I found the podcasts both entertaining and thought provoking.  I no longer need PDUs but find myself looking thru the index for the next nugget of PM knowledge, thanks Cornellius.

Australia, Chamonix

Fabulous "Quick Hit" Education

NorthCoast Consulting

I found the PM Podcast quite some time ago, and listened to the sessions regularly, but had moved away from it for a few years. I recently returned to find that the content developed by Cornelius has not only grown immensely in size, but also in value. I found the podcasts excellent when I first started listening and upon my return have been pleased to see the content quality and overall usefulness has continued to mature while the old content remains relevant.

I try not to miss a podcast now.

Thanks Cornelius!

Ottawa, Canada, NorthCoast Consulting

Great and Relatable Contet

Worth the listen! Short, fun, and full of great content. These interviews give insight to leaders in the industry, and interviews from major PMI conferences, providing an interesting opportunity to hear about a topic with a behind the scene's look into speaker sessions, attendance, topics, and some of the behind the scenes stuff. 
Plus worth PDU's. I learn a lot from them, and the guest are great - keep up the great contributions Cornelius.

Philadelphia, PA, United States

extremely valuable!

I came to the site for the free podcasts in support of needed PDUs.  It didn't take long into the first podcast to realize how well organized and professional the interviews and subjects are.  Please take time to actually listen and you will understand this site has much to offer in the value of applying project management principles.

DURANT, United States

Love the PMI Podcasts

Jewish United Fund

This is a wonderful thing you are doing, enabling us to earn some PDU's free of charge.  I've found most of these to be relevant and often find myself shaking my head in agreement.  And I've learned new things.  You have a great interviewing style that keeps things moving.

Chicago, USA, Jewish United Fund

A great resource for project managers

Department of National Defence

I have been listening to the project management podcast since 2011, and I have even gone back in time to listen to the older episodes.  Cornelius does a great job of interviewing project managers in various fields and getting them to provide insights that can apply to all project managers.  He puts a lot of work into the podcast, and to make sure that getting PDUs is as painless as possible.  Thanks for everything!

Colorado Springs, United States, Department of National Defence

Insightful Informations

One of the best ways for project/program managers to keep up-to-date with current trends and practices in the project management world.


Very useful and relevant

Thank you very much for making this podcast.  It was very specific and relevant.

Austin, US

PM Podcast review


I find this resource to be extremely helpful and easy to use. I have therefore relied almost entirely on the provided episodes to accrue the necessary PDU points. I would recommend it to all my PM colleagues without any reservations.


Well done!

I found the content easy to listen to and informative.  This is an excellent way to complete some of your educational PDUs in the comfort of home or office.

Raleigh, United States

Too big, Won't close

I was unable to click NO Thanks on the pop up to get rid of it so I could listen to the podcast, so obviously I am not a fan


PDUs rule

Aon Hewitt

Thanks for all the great work you have done over the years to provide an opportunity for PMs everywhere to earn PDUs.

Marietta, Georgia, USA, Aon Hewitt

Relevant and Valuable

10-1 Tech LLC

The Project Management Podcast is a valuable resource for the project management community.  Whether you are new to the industry, a sage veteran or somewhere in between you will find topics and information that can be brought to work and applied immediately.  As a resource for maintaining your PMP certification and continuing education, there is nothing out there more convenient and varied. Everyone in the industry should be listening.

New York, USA, 10-1 Tech LLC

Extremely helpful podcasts

Tieto Software Technologies

Hello Cornelius, 
You have been brilliant, the people you interview have not let me down. I realized many things which I have not been paying attention to. There have been some eyeopeners so deja vu discussions but overall I am glued to your podcasts.
Thank you.
Rahul Nene

Pune, India, Tieto Software Technologies

Great Information

Love the podcast because I  always seem to find one that suits my situation at work precisely.  I'm always transferring the knowledge from your podcast to my teammates because it enables us the ability to  improve on our quality and processes of our product because of the real life scenarios being shared by the presenters.


Practical Option


It 's very practical and objetive way to listen, learn and win pdus in a personal Schedule without restriction of time

Quito, Ecuador, COBISCorp

Great resource

The PM Podcast is a wonderful resource for project managers.  Thank you for gathering so much information in one place.


PM Podcast Praise

When I learned of PM Podcast, I thought I would find that most of the episodes would be boring or routine or useless or all of the above.  Wow!  Was I ever surprised after listening to a few, how useful the information is.  Unfortunately, I needed to earn a LOT of PDUs in 10 days because I had put off the task for so long.  I expected the task to be tedious, but I found each episode (which I admittedly chose ONLY by the title) to be powerful, useful, and engaging.  Not tedious at all, I think the value of these short presentations has made the task of catching up a pleasure and dare I say, addictive.  Thanks to all you special people who have made this tool come to life.  It's a treasure of information

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

PM Podcast


I have been hearing PM Podcasts for last one year. I am an experienced Project management personnel with 25 years experience. its always a great learning with every new episode. Now a days I don't get much time for reading but these podcasts gives me that required knowledge updates, being brought in to the profession by various academics as well as professionals.

Sharjah, UAE, Petrofac

Seems to be a great Idea.Will help lot of  people immensely.

Bengaluru, India

Great help

It is great to have a way to gain PDU s specially at LATAM since the courses are very expensive because of the volatility of the dollar.

And it is very useful to know and understand what kind of PDU s we need to take based on PMI triangle.

Mexico City, Mexico


Meridian Medical Management

I passed the PMP exam on the first try with two tools:  PM Podcast & Exam Simulator.  I would not have passed if I didn't listen to the episodes or take advantage of the 9 full length exams.  I surrendered and did everything Professor Fichtner told me to do.  When I took the exam, all I heard was his voice in my head:  think, eliminate, mark for review, move on.  The tips were priceless:  use the 15 minute tutorial to brain dump, know where you are going the day before, and don't memorize but understand.  The Podcast brought the PMBOK to life, the organization of the lessons built a solid foundation and the simulator put me through the Olympics of test preparation.  I loved the Podcasts:  I put them on when I commuted, when I walked the dog, when I exercised, when I was cleaning--it all got in there and I passed.  The by-product of all of that prepareation was that I really learned; I wasn't studying for the test, I really wanted to learn these best practices because I realized that many of the habits I had could be improved.  I learned.  I retained.  I believe that I am a better Project Manager from the process. 

Windsor, USA, Meridian Medical Management

High Value at a Great Price!

California SWRCB

I obtained my PMP in 2014 and am nearing the end of my first cycle of PDUs for recertification in 2017.  I have obtained my PDUs by buying a few courses, and also by listening to many of the PM Podcasts.  I feel like Cornelius Fichtner is a personal friend!  He does an excellent job moderating the interviews and asks perceptive questions that draw even more information out of the interviewee.  I have found nearly every podcast to be time well spent, and learn a great deal that is directly applicable to the workplace. I highly recommend listening to PM Podcasts as a way to earn PDUs, and offer this suggestion to other listeners: I copied the Excel spreadsheet of PM Podcast Episodes, and then sorted the spreadsheet, first by Max PDU and then by category (Technical, Leadership, Strategic & Business).  That way I could easily identify the courses that would earn the most PDUs (the hour-long ones), and also easily choose the podcasts that I needed to obtain the necessary PDUs in each of the three categories.  

Citrus Heights, United States, California SWRCB


PM Podcasts offer a huge variety of relevant PM topics. A great asset to my career objectives and PMP! thank you!!!


PM Podcast influence


When I first realized that I wanted to pursue a career in project management, the PM Podcast was one of the first resources recommended to me. Since then it has not only been highly informative, but an example of what true project managers look like.
The way Cornelius and his guests conduct themselves and explain the varying topics have helped shape my perspective on the field and made me a better project manager and inspired me to continuously learn and improve.

Cape Town, South Africa, red24


What a Godsend this podcast has been to keep a poor PM flush with PDUs, but more importantly updated me on the latest techniques and zeitgeist of the world of project management.

Nashville, United States

Podcasts are Great

Great way to get PDU's - listening to Podcasts


Good Value

The interviews and discussions provide good insight into myriad issues faced by PMs around the world.  They are certainly worth the time we make available to listen, commiserate, and learn.


Metrics podcast

I enjoyed listening to podcast #378 with Denise McRoberts concerning project metrics. As a Lean Six Sigma practitioner, I am interested in the cross over between LSS and traditional Project Management work.  The story that McRoberts tells during the podcast about improving the performance of her PMO rings true to my experience.  It was a nice example of defining the problem, measuring the data, analyzing the data and developing solutions around metrics.

However I think your podcast would benefit from more interviews with LSS practitioners about Continuous Process Improvement.  The three characteristics that McRoberts mentioned about a good metric - taken over a period of time, alignment with organization's goals and strategies, lead to fact based decisions - are fundamental to LSS and someone with such a background could expand on the difference between Enumerative and Analytical statistics, Hoshin planning, and hypothesis testing.


Highly recomended

I am very grateful for this Podcast since not only keep updated on current Project Management topics, help me to get PDUS to maintain my PMP certification but its sister publication, the PrepCast and the exam simulator were the main reason I was able to not only pass the PMP exam but to really understand and keep applying the Project Management concepts after the exam in my day to day work. Thank you Cornelius and team

Wilmington, NC, United States

Very Informative

Keep up the great work!  This is a great series of podcasts and they're very informative.  Thank you!

Mesa, AZ, USA

Thorough prep for the PMP Exam

The PrepCast was an excellent and thorough preparation for the PMP exam.  I studied the course work and did the practice exams and was successful in passing the PMP Exam the first time! Very happy!!


wonderful channel

I have been listening Podcast channel for almost 2 years, and I really love the topics.



These Podcasts not only provide free PDU's they are extremely useful and provide great insight into various aspects of Project Management

Karachi, Pakistan

First impressions

I am glad such a program exists, thank you for producing it.
Also this medium is very convenient.


Easy to listen to & helpful to boot

University of Missouri

In general I like the Podcast, the subjects are varied and helpful. The speakers are interesting and I frequently hear ideas I'm interested in pursuing.

Columbia , US, University of Missouri

Inspiring, and more diversity please

Straumann Ltd

I find PM podcasts extremelly inspiring. I listen them on my way to work, always arrive with new ideas to tackle points of improvement for my projects or with suggestions for upper management to consider.

One aspect that I'd improve is the inclusion of more diversity in interviews in terms of industries. IT professionals count with a great deal of over representation within forums, podcasts etc. So far I haven't go the chance to learn from many life sciences colleagues for example (my full respect to all IT professionals, by all means)

A second point I'd suggest for evaluation is the inclusion of discussions related to small to medium sized projects. Not all organizations deal with 100 member teams spread all over the world.

That said, I'm very thankfull to the entire team behind PM-Podcast for their outstanding work in providing us with access to an invaluable source of education.


Basel, Switzerland, Straumann Ltd

Very helpful and interesting

I am following the PDU Podcast since 11/2014 - and there is few things I keep on following for such a long time!

Not only is it very easy but also, next to on-the-Job work, the second best option to earn valuable PDUs. The topics are well spread and the interviewees are always very much interested in showing their knowledge (good choice).

I wish Cornelius from the PDU Podcast all the very best and will stay tuned! All the best from your home country.

Best regards, Andre

Basel, Switzerland

A very valuable real world lessons

I am a fan of the products, the interviews with practitioners with years of experience. They give valuable input as we know project management is very dynamic and there's not any single formulation to manage projects, thus input from experience and industry experts serve as our repositories and our own assets that can be very useful in some circumstances, also it helps to re-align our mindset of how things should get done, in what direction in what mindset - the actual realization of what we do may vary but should be toward within the right vision and mindset. Thank you.


Episode 8: P? M? O?

Episode 8 started with some new articles that, while not current news, were interesting, as them made me think about how things had changed over time and how some things had remained the same.  Then the podcast discussed the meaning of PMO and what i t means to various organizations, depending on their needs, objectives, environment, etc.  Three cases were reviewed and described.  I was able to compare and contract my current organization's PMO to the three examples, understand which type we had, and understand why it was the right type for our organization.  Thought-provoking discussion.  Nice work!


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