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Rated                (4.7/5.0) by 147 clients

Convenient and Interesting

I was pleased to find the PM Podcast. The requirements podcast (episode 392) was interesting and informative, and my submittal was promptly accepted by PMI.


As informative as any PMP CE provider

enjoy listening to these podcasts, especially the interviews.  They're entertaining, and not boring.  I can even listen to them via Bluetooth on the speakers of my car without fear of boring the passengers, who do other things in life.  Now that's a testimonial.


Thank you!

I'm so glad these podcasts are available. It makes life so much easier! I'm desk bound most of my day and I can just play the podcasts and listen to them when I'm working on something lightweight.


Thank you PM Podcast!

I found this to be an extremely helpful tool to prepare for the exam. It follows the PMBOK guide really well so if the topic was particularly tricky for me, I could watch and have the guide open at the same time, but I could also just carry it around and watch it whenever I wanted. I also really liked the module 'quizzes' and the practice exam. The product was recommended by a colleague and it met my expectations well. I would definitely recommend it for the busy professional who is trying to fit in the time and attention and cannot get away for an in-class option.

United States

PM Should be

Frascape Solution Limited

PM should be understand the major objective for the project and try to control any request that will sidetrack and impact the time & schedule & cost from the existing project.
Good people & communication skill is very important, it's because many stakeholders with their own agenda to push forward the new request whatsoever and they try to achieve their own objectives or goal, that why PM needs to be able to determine which benefit the project with cost effective and within schedule & resources to complete the project.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Frascape Solution Limited

Thank You

I truly enjoy listing to the PM Podcast. Not only do I find it very informative, it helps cope with my long daily commute between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. 

As a bounteous it also helps with my annual accumulation of the required CPD / PDU hours.

Thank you.

Mark Williams BSc BEng CEng PMP MIED MIET MAPM

Juffair, Bahrain

Podcast content

Thank you for all those episodes available to the PM community.  The contents are very relevant.


Great resource

I was looking for a good place to earn PDUs and found these excellent podcasts. Great range of topics and I took away some great ideas.


Excellent Servcies

Excellent services , very Professional serviceses


PDUs - Superb initiative

Confianza Tech USA

Very Satisfied.  Great initiative. Hardly anyone knows the essence of having a site with required PDUs than me, as I lost my PMP status (earned in 2007) at the end of 2011 and had to reappear in 2016 for getting certified again. Thanks a ton for this unique effort.

Silver Spring, United States, Confianza Tech USA

Great Company


I weake up very early in the morning for biking, and I found that I can also shape my maind while listening to podcasts. This is one of my favorites. Very well done, the host is great and the guest provide always rich content and lessons.
Thanks a Lot!

Sorocaba, Brasil, CommScope

Excellent !


I think PM Podcast is an excellent website to keep PMs up-to-date. I love listening to your podcasts :)

Budapest, Hungary, Vodafone


Grameenphone Ltd

The Project Management Podcast is really a great tool to enhance my knowledge in the arena of Project management. Learning the experience from PM veterans is like opening new doors each and every time. I was truly enchanted by their real life experience and how they tackle the real world problems. I hope this will continue and will enlighten the existing as well as the aspiring Project managers. 

Really appreciated all the hard work behind this.

Best regards/Audity

Bangladesh, Bangladesh, Grameenphone Ltd

Simple and Effective

Tata Projects Ltd.

The podcasts are very informative, conducted in a simple and effective way of one on one interviews. Makes understanding the concepts very easy to grasp.

Dubai, UAE, Tata Projects Ltd.

PDUs While I Commute

I love learning while I drive to and from work. What an amazing way to take a waste of time and making it useful. Talks are useful and varied. Always able to find something I want to hear more about.


Excellent Podcasts


I have been listening these podcasts since my last PMP renewal. Practical, 100% real application to projects in Colombia , South America. The best way to learn and gather PDUs. Love it!!!

Bogota, Colombia, Directv

Bravo - PMP Saver

The podcasts have helped me retain my PMP. I started listening to the podcasts as a way to retain my PMP.  I have thoroughly enjoyed them and you've done a good job with your guest selection.

I have enjoyed them and will keep up with them immediately instead of an after the thought PDU attainer.  

I would like to hear more discussion on Agile and the DOs and DON'Ts.   The Agile hybrid concerns me, like being a little pregnant.  I think with agile projects need to be all in or not.  I would like to hear discussions on others thoughts.

Thanks again for your enthusiasm, the time you spend and your dedication. 



Elumini Consulting

I loved PM Podcast. I friend of mine have already talked about it but due to many of things to do I was postponing my subscription. Now that I had time to listen two Podcasts I realized how instructive it is. 
Thanks for making this possible. 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Elumini Consulting


Shearman & Sterling

I think that this is awesome.  It gives me a way to earn PDUs in various ways.  I am at the end of my renewal and needing only a few more to make it over the hurdle the podcast have truly saved me time in looking for specific types of PDUs such as technical.
Thank you very much!

United States, Shearman & Sterling

Great Podcasts

You are creating very great and versatile Podcasts. They deliver ton of useful content from brilliant and experienced people from various cultures and backgrounds. I really find them very useful to refile your thoughts with the current trends. Thanks !!!  



A very good site for earning PDUs. Also, has very good and useful videos.

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Great learning place

I have been using PM Podcast for 3 years now, it's a great place to keep my project management knowledge refreshed and up to date! Great work!

Dallas, United States

Thank you note

Accellup Consulting

Hi Cornelius,
This is just to say a big thank you for the lessons and insights from your podcasts.
Your voice always comes in very clear just as if you are right in front of your audience.
Listening to your podcasts offer invaluable practical knowledge and help me to keep in tune
with the pulse of the profession.
I always listen to them with my biro and notebook on hand. The PDUs garnered over the
course of the episodes has really helped to beef up my PDUs a very great deal. I am very much 
obliged for all the many tips, websites and book recommendations. I will be recommending your website to my pals in our local PMI chapter.
Thanks so much and please do keep up the good service your are rendering to the PM profession. 

Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Accellup Consulting

Great Resource

City of CIncinnati

Excellent Site.  You can review the podcast over and over until you really understand the topic being studied.

cincinnati, USA, City of CIncinnati

Great way to round up the rest of your PDU's


This podcast provides a great introduction to new methods of project management and to more specific examples of the application of PMBOK procedures in real life.
The host is pleasant and well versed in PM duties and requirements.

Thunder Bay, Canada, 1962

Informative, Lively

Big fan of the Project Management Podcast. Great listening on the commute to work, or even on lunch hour. Easy way to get PDUs, and yet informative without being stuffy. The guests are interesting and know how to keep attention while still being highly informative. 

Milwaukee, United States

Just subscribed


I just subscribed to the podcast.  Will update soon after using it.

But it is a good idea

Johns Creek, USA, Alimra

PM Podcast opinion

I have recently discovered the PM Podcast series and I am very pleased with what I've discovered. I find the range of topics to be extensive and very encompassing, which allows me to find relevant info on whatever I want quite easily. The fact that I can listen almost anywhere is extremely convenient and the PDUs earned allows me to maintain my certification. If any of these points appeals to you, then I strongly suggest you check them out.


Leaning through others

Listening to the Podcasts is a great way to obtain PDU's and to get ideas to use in my PMO team meetings.  The PM Podcasts are informative and very enjoyable.

United States

Look forward to podcasts

I am a certified Project Manager who also serves as Knowledge Manager in Jacksonville, Fla.

I so look forward to these podcasts - I find them extremely valuable and thought-provoking!


Great for Cleaning up PDU's


A nice way to look into various PM topics and to get some PDU's along the way.

Thunder Bay, Canada, 1962


I did the PM Podcast for my contact hours then went to pass the exam on the first attempt.  

Columbus, United States

PM Podcast : Value Adds for Project Managers

Highly appreciate and thank you for putting together and managing such a value add repository for project managers.


PM Podcast- good stuff

Hi, I began listening to your podcast just over a week ago and I think its great.  Its nice to see what others in the field are really doing and thinking about as it relates to topics I deal with in my own world. 

Childers, Australia

PM Podcasts have been GREAT

I have thoroughly enjoyed the PM Podcasts, not only to supplement my efforts towards earning my PMP Certificate, but also the additional insights and highlights that the PM Podcast provides for working within Project Management position overall.
Keep the PM Podcasts coming as they are a valuable asset for any Project or Program Manager in any discipline.
Hope you get well soon Cornelius.
John Rosa

Plymouth, USA

Great way to earn PDUs

This is the best way I can find to earn much needed PDUs for recertifying my PMP.  It's timely, helpful and convenient.


Valuable Resource for PMs

This site has been instrumental in maintaining my PMP certification.


GREAT Resource

I used the Prep-Cast as a tool when studying for my PMP exam and went back to those podcasts time and time again- such a great tool! So now that I have passed and earned my PMP certification, I was excited to see more podcasts to continue to learn from and maintain my certification.


Christmas in Spring

Core Health & Fitness

I have a 1 hr commute each way to work. I listen to all sorts of podcasts. I found this podcast by accident. It was like Christmas. I had no idea it existed. What a wonderful resource and presented in format that keeps you engaged. What you are doing is awesome. The ability to later download presentations is a massive bonus to help reinforce the topic. It is like finding another present hidden in the chaos of paper and boxes after gift opening. Thanks a million.

Oceanside, United States, Core Health & Fitness

Enjoy Learing

I thought that the podcast was informative but convenience.   Thank you for the board range of subjects.    


My GO-TO for all things PM

Firstly, I passed my PMP on the first attempt using only Cornelius' PMP program.  I thought, let me see what this PMP course is about and I was pleased to discover that I could learn with Cornelius and a copy of the PMBOK.  I purchased his program and the exams.  Made my own flashcards. Memorized with word pictures.  Made brain dump sheets. I did 2-3 videos/day over the summer 
and in the fall took the exam.  Thanks, Cornelius*********************************************************************
Secondly, I like to listen to the PM Podcasts to accrue my PDU's.  I've connected my PM learning to Cornelius' voice and can't seem to go to other PM sites!  ************************************************************************************
Lastly, I'm always intrigued by the titles of the PM Podcasts and like to be able to choose between many topics that are relevant to my position.***************************************************************************************************

Benicia, United States


Phronesis Limited

I have a lot from your podcast. It has equally helped me to achieve the required PDUs to maintain my certification.

Thank you very much.

Edmonton, Canada, Phronesis Limited

Excellent way to learn on the go

I'm always finding new material that is introduced by the guests on the podcast which is a great way to keep up to date with the changing PM World.
Time to find these things out can be difficult to find however with the podcast one can learn while commuting to and from work or even mowing the lawn or doing housework.
There is also an excellent reference to where the PDUs should be attributed which makes recording them easy.

DUNEDIN, New Zealand


Dear Cornelius,

I am listening to your PM Podcast frequently since 2014 and I can say that it keeps getting better every day :). I remember when you had a long podacsts 1h or longer, I liked it. Did you shorten it because it was request from the listeners? I know it is very hard to keep people attention for long discussions, but sometimes I think it is OK to have long podcasts it can deliver a better message to the listeners.

I have just finished my exams in AFW it supported by IPMA institution. It is not as great as PMP, but it will do for my daily work.

I hope this podcast will continue, by the way, do you have a vision how this podcast will be managed in the future? Will you have PM Podcast assistant?

Kind regards,
Janis Rusmanis


Pearls of Wisdom

EarthPM, LLC

Do not lose the opportunity to surf around in this podcast and pick up the many pearls of wisdom available here!

Andover, United States, EarthPM, LLC

Thank you

I really appreciate having this resource to earn free PDUs. I would have been hard pressed to fulfill my PMP requirements without your site.


Convince or get convinced

I have recently cleared PMP on March 14, 2017. PM Podcast is one of the best tools that helps in developing concepts in a convincing way. I really appreciate the efforts put in. I am a firm believer of either you convince others to accept your view or be ready to get convinced by others to accept their view. But in either way, it triggers logical thinking and approach, which I believe as the best Project Manager's basic weapon. I recommend new aspirants to follow basics.

Hyderabad, India

Very useful podcast for project management

Hewlett Packard

I'm really grateful to your podcasts which has greatly helped me to learn few key topics in Project management. Series covering your interviews with industry experts is helpful to learn from their personal experiences. Thank you for your help to project management community.

Bangalore, India, Hewlett Packard

The Best

Lot of insight in many of the interviews. Wealth of knowledge. However I am surprised at some PMs command of English. Communication being a vital aspect of PM I was taken aback at some PM interviews. But overall the best site to get a lot of understanding into this complex profession which is evolving every day. Thank you Cornelius for this. Ever indebted.

Edmonton, Canada

PM Experience

Great way to learn from others as well as earn PDUs!

Madison, US

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