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60 PDUs only available for "New" Recertification Cycles

Please note that PMI has sent a clarification regarding your ability to claim 60 PDUs from The PM Podcast:

Any cycle end date before 1 December 2017 will continue to utilize the old rules for their current cycle.

This means that if your current recertification cycle ends before 1 December 2017 then you can only claim 30 PDUs from The PM Podcast and the old "PDU Categories" are still in effect for you. PMI is in the process of updating the CCRS website to clarify this for everyone.

PMI's PDU Secrets

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PMI certifications are not for life.

Instead, once you pass the exam you are required to go through recertification every three years. The good news is that you don’t have to take the exam again. Instead, you have to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) in project management during this time. Then the cycle begins anew.

This episode looks in detail at what PDUs are, how they are structured, discusses the Talent Triangle and gives you recommendations on where to learn more about PDUs, how to earn PDUs not only from Premium Podcasts but from normal learning activities that we project managers participate in regularly.

It's all much simpler than you think and this guide breaks it down for you.

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