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Episode 062: How can I become a Project Manager?

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Episode 062: How can I become a Project Manager? "How can I become a project manager?" This is the question that we get asked most often here at The Project Management Podcast™. We tried to answer each email individually, but also decided that this would be a great topic for our program. We looked and found Thomas Cutting ( who discusses this question with us today. We look at his own career but also take a generic look at possible PM career paths. We discuss the value of experience vs. certification and working as a PM in-house or for a consulting firm. And of course, we once again provide links in our Helpful Resources Section that complement this interview by looking at PM basics. If you are currently studying to take the PMP exam, then listen in and learn how you can win a free, one-year subscription to our sister podcast The Project Management PrepCast™, where you can learn the tools & techniques you need to know in order to prepare to take the PMP exam.

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