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Episode 087: A PM Conversation with Mike Graupner, PMP

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Mike Graupner, PMPWould you like to know how to define the value of Project Management? We have an answer for you! Five episodes ago we spoke with Mike Graupner, PMP about Monkey Management. We gave Mike another visit and had a conversation about his current projects. We hear about his involvement in IS governance, how he is dealing with SOX compliance, we follow him as he implements a 1 million dollar computer just for testing and he will also tell you how to define the value of Project Management. As always, we also give you several helpful resources that complement our interview.

But there is more: this week we also have not just one, but two contests and you can win four prizes a total value of $800. You can win one of two licenses of Mind Manager Pro 7 and you can also win one of two licenses to The Project Management PrepCast™. But you will have to act fast, so listen in...

Feb 17 2007 update:  We have drawn the winners of the giveaway for Mind Manager Pro 7. They are: Jun Labao from the Philippines and Scott Stamey. Scott is a subscriber to the Premium Podcast and every subscriber automatically got a chance to win, while Jun is a listener to the Free Podcast and was drawn from among those who wrote an email.

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