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Episode 089: Integrated Process and Project Management Organization

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Episode 089: Integrated Process and Project Management OrganizationThe business environment is changing quite dramatically and also quite rapidly. We project managers are facing new challenges like globalization, more complex projects or shorter project schedules. Often this is a result of a changing global marketplace, which changes our company, which in turn changes the way we run projects. Stefan Hagen is the managing director of startup euregio Management GmbH, a full service provider for project and process management, and he has taken the traditional organizational approaches and theories and combined them with business process management and the processes needed to run enterprise wide projects. The result is the IPPM OrganizationĀ®. We discuss this model and how it supports projects in large companies.

We also announce the winners of the Mind Manager Pro 7 giveaway and remind you of our Leap Year Contest.

Download Stefan Hagen's PDF presentation on the IPPM OrganizationĀ®...

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