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Episode 096: Improving Outcomes on Experimental Projects

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Episode 096: Improving Outcomes on Experimental ProjectsSearch for "Experimental Projects" on your favorite search engine and you will find millions of entries. However, most of us "corporate" project manager types will probably never have been involved in this branch of project management. On experimental projects, the outcome is uncertain, the road is bumpy, you will probably take a few detours and failure is part of the plan. Lee Fischman joins us on the program today to discuss not only the concepts behind experimental projects but also to take a look at how you can improve their outcomes. Put your brain into overdrive... especially if you have never been confronted with an experimental project.

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Click here to download the PDF presentation that Lee Fischman gave at the NASA Project Management Challenge in 2006...

If the above link does not work, you can download it from the website of Lee's employer...

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