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Episode 114 Premium: A Conversation with Margaret Meloni on Managing Being Laid Off

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Episode 114 Premium: A Conversation with Margaret Meloni on Managing Being Laid OffLast week you heard part 1 of Margaret Meloni’s excellent discussion titled “Congratulations, you’re out of work” and part 2 will be coming your way next week.

For this premiium episode, I decided to give Margaret a call and dig a little bit deeper into the subject, with an emphasis on what we project managers can / should do when we get laid off.

You may now be thinking “Hey… I still have a job and I don’t need this” and I would beg to differ. Listen in to what Margaret has to say. She is so incredibly positive about this and even if you have a very secure position, I bet that you know a project manager whose project was recently finished and he/she is out of work. I certainly do and I promise you that I will paraphrase what Margaret says and help my friends deal with their situation.

Remember, if you want to hear part 2 immediately then please stop by at Margaret's website right now and sign up for the complete package to help you deal with this kind of situation.





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