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Episode 034: Interview with Kristine Hayes Munson on Getting It Done

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Today's episode of The Project Management Podcast™ features an interview with Kristine Hayes Munson on the topic of Getting It Done. We look at what you may call the underlying framework or even philosophy that project managers must employ in order to get things done in a company. Kristine has presented this framework at a seminar for the University of California Irvine and her presentation will automatically be downloaded to your computer if you are a subscriber to The Project Management Podcast™.

The book giveaway for Gerard Hill's The Complete Project Management Office Handbook (Amazon Link) has been extended for one more week. Listen in to hear how you can win a copy. And in our weekly segments we have listener feedback and "one" Helpful Resource.

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Comments (9)
  • Azita

    Thank you Podcast, I like it :D

  • Ningrum  - I've watched this episodes 034

    Thank you Cornelius :) I think the hardest thing of being a profesional PM is how we can integraste every knowledge that we know to reach our goal.

  • Muhammad Amir  - re: I've watched this episodes 034

    From where i can download these podcasts? I am not finding any way

  • admin

    Mohammad... please look toward the top (below the title). You will see a link saying "click here to listen to this episode".

  • Bin Chen  - Interview with Kristine Hayes Munson on Getting It

    Communication is 90% works in the project, this course is mainly on communication management and leadership.
    but how to define the right person, right thing in right time that will be the critical points.

  • hala  - PDUs

    Hello, I've got my PMP certificate last year (March 2012) and I'm trying to earn PDUs by listening to podcast, this podcast was originally broadcast in 2006, so is it OK to submit it now for PDU?

  • RV  - How do I know if I earn a PDU

    After listening an episode of 30 mins, how I would know that I earn any PDUs. Do I receive an acknowledgement email for PDU after I complete any episode? Also, what will I have to show to PMI for the PDUs if I identified for audit?

  • Rohan Dalvi  - Excellent!

    Thanks! for your time.

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