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Episode 126: Project Management In Ethiopia

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Episode 126: Project Management In Ethiopia We are a few days late with this episode of The PM Podcast because I was gone for the weekend. My wife and I celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary and so we decided to go to Catalina Island, which is both a tourist destination and a nature reserve just off the coast of Orange County here in CA. So that makes this a couple of days late.

But wait… did I just say a couple of days…? No no no! We are just about ONE YEAR LATE! The interview that you will hear in this episode was recorded in late 2008. Getachew Teklemariam and I got together at that time, recorded this interview, I got it ready for publication and promptly forgot about it. That is until I received another email from Getachew about 3 weeks ago and I was wondering if we ever published this. No we hadn’t. As such, you could say that this particular sub-project is just about one year late...

In the interview, we discuss the overall state of project management in Ethiopia, the available training infrastructure, the industries using project management, how project management in Ethiopia could generally be strengthened and of course, what we project managers around the world can do to help.

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