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Episode 133: Product Review of

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In the 2009 PM Podcast listener survey an overwhelming number of respondents said that they would like to see product reviews as part of The PM Podcast. We listen and here is the first such in-depth review of Josh Nankivel's WBS Coach - a training program intended to help both beginners and advanced project managers in employing the WBS to support the success of their projects. The following is in our video:

  • WBS Coach overview
  • WBS Coach content
  • How to download / unzip / use the training
  • Listen to a minute of the original audio training
  • Watch a minute of the original video training
  • The PM Podcast Critique
  • The PM Podcast Verdict

And without taking anything away we are happy to say that we give Josh without hesitation 4.5 out of 5 stars for the WBS Coach. Josh created a highly professional and practical training and put all of his experience it. Take a closer look at it by going to If you decide to buy it then The PM Podcast will receive a commission from your purchase which we can use to cover our production cost.

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