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Episode 015: Status Reports

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Today's show contains the following show segments: Helpful Resources, News, The Tip of the Week, two Good Bad & Ugly Reviews, and in the main section of the show we are talking about Project Status Reports.

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Comments (2)
  • Bin Chen  - Status Reports

    Effective project tracking on status report:
    1. Each task must be defined as a deliverable with a measurable end result based on the work breakdown structure for judgments about progress and completion.
    2. Each task must be estimated the number of work hours that are required to complete work on the deliverable for accurately track progress
    3. a tracking procedure is set up for reporting frequency the completed tasks and remaining task / deliverable with estimating the number of hours by each team member.
    4. Gathers the status reports into the project management scheduling system with progress comparison and variances assessment between plan and actual results for project manager communicates with each team member on the causes and corrections.
    5. Project manager enters actual performance with the baseline schedule and budget for forecast and mitigation.

  • Valenta Nichols  - Episode 015: Status Report

    Tips that I learned about Status Reporting. Some of them I already knew and was a recap on status reporting; however, there were some new points about status reporting that was very informative in this podcast.

    1. 90% of PMs work is in communication.
    2. Status Reporting depends on the type of project in terms of whom and how it will be communicated.
    3. Make sure the frequency of the status reports are communicated
    4. Submit status reports in writing and make sure they are in the same format each time.
    5. Make sure the status report is providing the information that is needed.
    6. Status Reports should be no longer than one page (use bullet points)
    7. Items to report on: progress, issues, how issues were mitigated, and next steps.
    8. Mention both positive and negative communication about the project
    9.Be honest in your status reports. My thoughts on this statement is if there is bad news to report about the status report, give the bad news with supporting mitigation or contingenc...

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