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Episode 013: More on Methodologies

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The main focus of today's show is the continuation of what we started two weeks ago when we looked at an overview of what project management methodologies are. Today, I am giving you a high level overview of several of these methodologies. You'll also get to hear several new helpful resources and news items.

Note: In the podcast we say that you cannot claim PDUs for listening to podcasts. However, that was in 2005. In the meantime PMI has "come around" and today the word "podcast" is even mentioned in PMI's PDU category structure. So it is now OK to claim free PDUs for listening: See

Project Management in the News

- Google Thinks Small
- PMI Sao Paulo Conference attracts a capacity conference
- Cargo cult dooms project to failure
- Marketing company moves to Web project management
- Important information regarding the PMPĀ® Examination.

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