Great points identified in this podcast about engaging stakeholders.
Needed this information as I reflect back on some of the not so good experiences I've encountered with dealing with stakeholders.

1. Build relationship and trust with stakeholders.
...Build trust by communicate bad news, build credibility by being competent, admit our mistakes, help people solve the business problems, value other people input, have respect for myself and others. Note: Trust is built throughout the project.

2. Seeks ways to identify when the trust is not there with stakeholders. For me body language says it all.

3. Not having an engaged project sponsor is a BIG risk for a project.

Approaches to gathering requirements:
1. Progressive collaboration...start with high requirements; view project deliverable, and know what the scope and project objectives are.

2. Break large projects down into smaller projects. Important point.... if project sponsor is not engaged in the project... why am I wo...