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Why offer both "Free" and "Paid"?

We offer both a "Free" and "Premium" (paid) subscription because our listeners asked us for it. Many project managers who subscribed to the free version found it so valuable that they pretty much "begged" us to also offer a paid version so that they could financially support what we do. The subscription fees cover cost for website maintenance, file hosting and other expenses directly related to producing The Project Management Podcast. And maybe an occasional pizza for Cornelius.

The big difference between the free and the paid version is that the free version only gives you access to the 10 latest episodes, while the paid version gives you access to all episodes and you also receive the transcript (starting with episode 136).

How to download all episodes at once

If you want to download all episodes at once, then simply do the following

  1. Purchase a monthly subscription at $5.99
  2. Download all episodes in your podcatcher software
  3. Immediately unsubscribe again

In this way you support The Project Management Podcast with a single payment of $5.99 and you get access to literally hundreds of interviews and discussions.