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Episode 052: Project Management Methodology for Software Projects

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Episode 052: Project Management Methodology for Software Projects About a year ago I was asked to take over a troubled project in our company. From one moment to the next, I went from being a project manager in charge of organizational change projects to being a PM for a software development project. While I had been working as a PM on website development before, dealing with software development in a controlled environment is a different beast. The dynamics were and are completely different. And what is it like to manage software projects? “Surprise! Now you’re a software project manager” is the title of the book written by Bas de Baar ( Of course, we will not be discussing his book as such but that there is a big difference between a SW development methodology and a PM methodology to manage SW development projects. Today is also the day that we announce the winners of our book giveaway, we start a new book giveaway, we have a listener comment, a seminar announcement and a few more helpful resources that were recommended by our listeners.

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