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For those holding the Project Management Professional (PMP)® or other certifications from Project Management Institute (PMI)®:

The PM Podcast PDU Logfile

PDU Logfile Overview

Download The PM Podcast PDU Logfile (XLSX) and track each PM Podcast episode you listen to. The better you document your learning activities the more you can give evidence to PMI that you have indeed subscribed and listened to The PM Podcast in case your PDU claims are audited.

PMI says the following about what documentation you may need:

Documentation required for audit: Evidence supporting your reported learning, including notes from and dates of activities conducted.

Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Handbook

The logfile is designed to meet these documentation requirements.

PDU Logfile Download

Please click here to download The PM Podcast PDU Logfile (XLSX)

Please click here to download The PM Podcast PDU Logfile (XLSX)

PDU Logfile Content

The logfile is an MS Excel (XLSX) document that contains the following three tabs:

Overview and FAQ
An FAQ about earning Free PDUs from The PM Podcast.
Logfile Example
A few examples of how you could be tracking your learning activities. Please take this with a grain of salt and alwasy use your own words.
The empty logfile with about 50 rows for you to start tracking your learning.

Why use the PDU Logfile?

Listening to The PM Podcast is a great way to earn free PDUs for PMP renewal. However, there is a catch 22 situation:

On the one hand, you will not receive any kind of "certificate" when you subscribe and listen to the interviews, because listening to podcasts is similar to reading a book and only you can verify that you did. But on the other hand, PMI reserves the right to audit any PDU claim that you input on the CCRS website.

So how can you prove to PMI that you have indeed listened to the interviews? The answer is "By making notes in The PDU Logfile every time that you listen to an episode of The PM Podcast".

Therefore, you use the PDU logfile as documentation of when you listened and what you have learned. And if your PDU claim is audited you simply submit your PDU logfile to PMI.

How to use the PDU Logfile?

It's a simple and straightforward process:

  • Listen to an episode of The PM Podcast
  • When you are done, open up The PDU Logfile and fill in the next row with information
  • Go back to step 1

In particular, you should be very descriptive when filling in the "Study Notes" column: Describe what you have learned from the interview. Talk about what you liked/didn't like. Explain how you will be able to use this on your own projects. Discuss how you will try and implement the ideas. Clarify why you feel that you cannot use the techniques discussed in the interview. And so on.

The worst thing you can do is to fill in the logfile "because you have to". The best thing you can do is to use the logfile as a means to explaining to yourself what you have truly learned. So use it as a means to explore how you are applying the discussion as a project manager.

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